Short Sale Q & A

Q: What is a Short Sale?

A: A Short Sale transaction occurs when the lenders are paid a negotiated amount that is less than the actual principal balance owed.

Q: Why are the Banks Accepting Short Sales?

A: In a foreclosure, the lender incurs legal fees and may not take possession of the home for several months. When the lender takes possession, the condition is unknown, and the home will have to be sold regardless.

Q: How are the Selling Costs Paid?

A: In a successful Short Sale transaction the selling costs are absorbed by the lender.

Q: What is a Mortgage Default?

A: A mortgage is considered to be in default when one or more monthly payments have been missed.

Q: What Solutions are Available if I am in Default on My Mortgage Payments?

A: You may qualify for a broad range of solutions to help you during your hardship.

Short Sale/Payoff

Loan Modification

Deed in Lieu

Q: How do I Qualify for Assistance?

A: Borrowers need to prove that they are experiencing a substantial financial hardship.

Q: What is a Hardship?

A: A hardship is a situation that has a life changing effect for the borrower that results in an in-ability to pay the mortgage debt in either, short or long term. Some examples are:

Separation or Divorce

Medical Bills

Inability to Work Due to Health Reasons

Death of Spouse

Job Relocation

Reduced Income or Unemployment

Business Failure


Q: How Do I Qualify for a Short Sale?

A: A borrower must prove that a hardship exists. Then the lender must be willing to accept the short sale proceeds as full settlement of the debt.

Q: What is Required From the Property Owner?

Sign a Listing Agreement with Your Realtor

Agree Not to Finance or Otherwise Encumber the Property's Title

List the Property for Sale

Cooperate with Your Realtor with the Accessing, Showings, and the Offers of Your Home

Be Responsible in Maintaining the Home in "Show" Condition

Be Responsible for Minor Repairs to the Home

Be a Responsible Homeowner Until Close of Title and Vacancy of Home

Vacate the Home Following the Close of escrow

Q: Can I receive cash to help me move out of my home?

Yes you may qaualify for cash assitance when you shor$10,000 on average.

Q: What is the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007?

A: The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 was enacted on December 20, 2007 Please contact a real estate CPA for further information

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