Orange County Short Sale Services

     we can help with a SHORT SALE.
Benefits of a Short Sale:
Postpone your foreclosure sale date
Avoid Foreclosure
Avoid Bankruptcy
Reduced damage to your credit
Receive Cash assistance for moving costs up to 25k
You may qualify to purchase another home 30 days after you short sale
Get a good night's sleep
STOP harassing phone calls

BE FREE of financial and emotional burdens!
 We are licensed Brokers that specialize in avoiding foreclosure. We will NOT buy your home, but will assist you in selling your home quickly. The lender will cover all closing costs including Realtor commissions. You will also receive cash to help pay for your moving costs at close of escrow. We can make selling your home MUCH EASIER FOR YOU and lift much of the financial burden off your shoulders OUR SERVICES DO NOT COST YOU ANY MONEY!!!
 ASTON group short sale division has saved over 1000 home owners nationwide from foreclosure since 2006. We have a 99% success rate. Do not trust just anyone to handle your short sale. List your home with an experienced Orange County short sale Specialist.
Regardless of your current situation I am here to assist you, so call me today to help you find a solution! You have options which can enable you avoid foreclosure proceedings and escape the 10 year scar it will leave on your credit, therefore, your future. Stop the inevitable and don't face Foreclosure IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!  Best of all with a short sale, you won't have any out-of-pocket expense!

Give me a call at (714) 588-7676 for a confidential consultation or fill out a contact form.